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Recycle or Mend, Now and Again (for green's sake)

Thanks to those level-headed Brits (recovering from a she-bling hangover of yesteryear's excess spending), here's something easy, a small step, we should all consider.
Are sewing circles out again by the way? Meanwhile, the Message:
For gawd's sake, don't make it another H&M day... Do you really need more disposable clothing?
As one with homeless "accoutrement overabundant," trust me: just sew, hem, shred, donate. Worst case, fit to those teeny pets you still must feed now that they aren't so tiny... at least you can hide them in your Burkas. Aren't you glad now you spent rent money on those?


World Copyright Day

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), the largest organisation of journalists in Europe, today marked World Copyright Day by condemning the widespread use of unfair contracts by media employers that deprive journalists of their authors' rights.
"This situation seriously undermines our profession by grabbing journalists' means of earning a living and ignoring their right to be recognised as authors. It also undermines media quality by allowing media companies to recycle and reuse the work of journalists across different platforms" says Aidan White, EFJ General secretary.
Together with its affiliates, the EFJ denounces in particular recent pressures in media companies such as Sanoma in Finland and the 'Jahreszeiten-Verlag' in Germany that force journalists and press photographers to assign all their authors' rights.
"At a time where the world copyright debate focuses on the widespread use of creative works on the internet by consumers, it is time to examine what type of contracts creators are forced to sign and who really benefits from copyright protection," said White.
The EFJ and its unions recently issued letters of protest against the Finnish government's proposal to introduce a work-for-hire rule in its legal system that would legalise complete assignment of authors' rights.
"We must resist a trend to weaken well-established authors' rights legislations in continental Europe that are protective of creators and recognize economic and moral rights for all. A move towards a copyright legal regime that would consider creative works as a commercial commodity would be catastrophic for the profession and the quality of information," said White.


Here's to good... Rhapsody

George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue acoustic version circa 1924.
It's 84 years old, and it still pushes my buttons.
Thanks Georgy Porgy.

Recorded orchestra version via YouTube and an even better one here.


Here's to Good... Gloss

Oooh My Lips So Luscious,
The Way I Spice It Up With the MAC MAC Brushes...


(it's a girly girl thang, SSSSSMACK!)