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This is not the bon mot you always imagined would leave your trembling lips to instantly charm your hero upon introduction:

"Oh please, don't recoil!"

YouTube - Morrissey on the Russell Brand Show, 01 Dec 2006

(cue kookie's teary "iiilooooveyoooou" as moz's hand slips out of his and moves to the next eager presspassenger stretching upward from the secluded front of stage reserved for accredited journalists. i got a handshake and a few lyrics sung while looking at me and returned two thumbs up and one maniacal grin. scott fiddled with the tripod and muttered a nodding 'superb.' nym waved and observed the adoration through the camera lense and whispered 'ohmyaaaandii.'
four souls, too many beers, three cameras resulted in zero developed photos that showed one identifiable image of our hero on that belgian night.)

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