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Apartment Therapy House Tour: A Bold and Colorful Austin Home

You can take the cowgal out of Texas, but...

Of course. Leave it to me. Despite living a decade in Europe and the myriad enthusiasms and influences from this and much travel elsewhere, I am utterly drawn to - and inspired by - this house back 'home' in the Lone Star State! The colors and shades, and especially the contrasts and highlights, are superb. The use of color is oh so well controlled, a lesson I need to study while reeling in my own, more chaotic, color tendencies.

I love the bedroom café curtains (the least colorful element in the house alas) and their sibling shades above that meet for full coverage if needed. The built-in kitchen seating and the half-wall/shelving room divider combine solid, practical design and full-on character. I also admire boldly using a duo blue/green trim, and wow for all the chunky wood elements (original columns?) that you rightly copy for the kitchen shelves, etc. And… much more covered in comments elsewhere.

[warning: texas musing ahead] This house, to me, represents so much of the character and originality that will always endear me to a certain breed of creative Texans - uniquely stylish folks unafraid of displaying an offbeat levity in life (a sense of merriment, whether in ornamentation or elsewhere, not to be confused with superficiality). It's not what most people immediately associate with it, but this house is so Texas! And with a very Austin sensibility, although the orange exterior is much nicer than the longhorn shade. Cheers and yeehaw from a 'recovering' Texan in Amsterdam

posted by amsterdandi on 2008-10-12 13:50:29
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