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Here's to 100 good... Texas Songs

News headlines include an unusually high (or not?) percentage of disturbing news out of the LoneStarState: violence, racism, felonious pre-teens and even a mad mixture of all three. So here's a short-term tonic and a slight diversion from confused musing about the quality of life and any possibility of a soul-satisfying future in Texas. Yeehaw and view previous post for the detailed mayhem.

Here's a top-100 Texas songs list by Texas Monthly magazine, which includes songs about Texans, by Texans and from wannabe - who doesn't? - Texans (long-time residents whose body if work is influenced by Texas: a product of time spent in the state and/or a clear reference to the state).
*Unexpected native son: Sly, before his Family Stone era, was born in Dallas and "Family Affair," 1971
*Unexpected #1: San Antonio's Sir Douglas Quintet with "She's About a Mover," 1965

NPR show and Top 10 song clips heard here.

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