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Here's to good... Fiends (ahem Friends)

Visual Blogging is a daily digital dialogue between two women living 3191 miles apart, yet retaining a living dialogue through the photos they share every day. What an inspirational dedication Mav and Stephanie both have to this lovely project and to their even lovelier friendship! After a year of sharing morning musings, now collected and published in a book, they are sharing a year of evenings. It's not a surprise the two often have such similar points of view in color and in subject photographed. Even when separated by so much distance, just as I am with my own dear family and friends, it's amazing how much of an individual's life is still lived in intimate tandem. I guess we all are subject to the same moon and stars influences after all, even when it feels like we're on another planet! No matter which coast or continent or hemisphere we stand upon, the bond of friendship - and creativity - are hugely powerful forces. Much appreciation 3191 ladies for letting everyone eavesdrop on your compositional conversations!From A Year of Evenings

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