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New Passport-for-Cellphone Scheme in the UK

So the Times Online reports that Passports will be needed to buy mobile phones, or at least other “official form of identification at the point of purchase.” This is scary because the mere act of purchasing a cell phone reveals a lot about the buyer. (more from TheGadgetBlog.com)

Commenting on this story, Amsterdandi notes:
There's a little thing called a RFID tag already snuggling into 'biometric passports' as well, including those in the UK. So factor: RFID chips in passports fast becoming rule not exception + RFID chips' tracking capabilities "needed" to buy mobile phones = Mobile phones with vastly expanding personal info more easily and speedily tracked and monitored unknowingly, along with the users' exact location, naturally. Simple equation eh? My stars, Orwell's prophetic words about our future should be canonised much more than St. John's Armageddon hysterics. What really flips me out, however, are the smaller 'what if' scenarios likely to play out when everything is so connected. Suddenly cybercrime isn't as anonymous anymore. One's finances are one thing to lose in identity theft, but how about one's health history? "Ah-ha, a healthy kidney for my black-market organ deal!" I don't want mobile operators knowing my voting record, nor my education level to say nothing of my marital status. Far out for sure, but too much to give away just for wanting to make a phone call... or to text a secret lover.

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