Quote of the Day


Here's to good... Flora

"The bluebonnet is to Texas
what the shamrock is to Ireland,
the cherry blossom to Japan,
the lily to France,
the rose to England and
the tulip to Holland."

She's a wee bit homesick today for some Texas color-and she does not mean electoral red,
ye gads absolutely not! (call it post-election bluebonnets)
Alas, you can take the cowgal out of Texass, but...
you can't make her want to return there.
..unless you show her a bluebonnet, or better yet
a field of the Lupinus texensis.

Check out the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center for more images.

Big sighs from across the pond where my bluebonnet seeds never really took root this year.
(rootless. well nevermind, nevermind that.)

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